Background and Scope

Wellify was a booking and payments web app for wellness practitioners to continue their practice online at the height of the pandemic. When I had joined the team, efforts were being made to scale user adoption through sales and marketing.

<aside> ⚠️ As wellness practitioners moved back to in-person offerings or stopped their practice, we identified a drop in user adoption and usage.


After interviewing users and reviewing our app analytics, we decided to pivot Wellify to better align with the changing needs of our users. I served as the product manager during this pivot, where I ensured that all product decisions aligned with business objectives.


1. Voice of Customer Interviews

After observing a decrease in sign-ups and usage, we conducted user interviews to determine the pains, areas for gains and needs of our users. During this exploratory phase, I conducted product demos with prospective users to evaluate how our product solved their problems. And reconnected with previously warm users that had gone cold to better understand where the gap was in the product. Through these interviews, it became clear that the wellness practitioners no longer needed a booking platform.

2. Revisiting the User Personas

Once we understood our product no longer solved the problems of our end-users, I used the information gained to replace our existing user personas with new ones that more accurately represented our users.

<aside> 💡 These personas helped us identify that a surging number of wellness practitioners were unsatisfied that they were using multiple platforms to manage all of their content.






Rough draft of the new user personas

3. Ideating solutions

Next, we spent time ideating different ways to pivot Wellify to better alleviate the pain of our users using multiple platforms to host, book, share and manage their offerings.

Through this ideation process, we decided to pivot Wellify into a digital business card. Where the core value would be:

<aside> 🔗 Allowing practitioners to link all their content from their different platform onto their Wellify profile.


This solution proved to be ideal as the existing integrated booking and payments features acted as a funnel to encourage customers to purchase the practitioners offerings.

4. Revisiting the product strategy

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