Hey, I’m Shakir.

I love to build tech that changes lives.

I use a life-centred design approach to help companies create mindful products and services that drive change.

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About Me

True innovators designs for all of life’s touchpoints.

With a background in nanoscience, and many hours (too many) manipulating atoms and molecules, I’ve learned that a true innovator doesn’t live in the silo of their domain. Because life isn’t siloed. A true innovator designs for all touchpoints — across the entire life-stack.

Everything from fundamental technology, to products, and experiences — designing for a better world starts with asking the why behind the strategic design decisions of old. And once we do that, we can start designing (and re-designing) the systems that govern our lives.

What I do:

💻 Technology Consulting

👨🏾‍💻 Product Management

🛠️ Entrepreneurship

🗣️ Public Speaking

More specifically, I have over 2.5 years of experience integrating engineering, design, and innovation strategy. I got my hands dirty in MedTech (NERv) and DeepTech (Zergo), founded a FinTech startup (hiive) in university and helped a Social Impact Lab (Year Zero) launch new products & programs in the future of work and wellness industries as the product lead.

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This was an interactive workshop where I led 30+ new employees through a mini design sprint using design thinking.

You can find the 20-minute version here

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